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From there I continued to photograph and fell in love with the idea of storytelling. Throughout the years, I continued to tell all different types of stories until I learned that my favorite ones to tell are of couples, families, and small businesses. I’m a metro-Detroit based photographer who uses a mixture of posing and documentary with emotions being at the core of my vision. If you want to work with a photographer who tells your story through photographs, where how you feel and being genuine and transparent is the focal point of your portraits, than look no further.

The first time I picked up a camera was to help my older sister update her Myspace profile pic.

Hey, i'm emi

Diving into a novel, drinking an iced latte, or completing my latest puzzle. I am a huge quality time person and enjoy going on walks, eating lots of ice cream, and traveling with my core people. My loved ones have always described me as funny, empathetic, and laidback. Other than photography, I’ve had a huge passion for fashion since I was a kid and love showing my creativity through clothes and styling.(If you’re ever stumped on what to wear or just want to share your fit pic, please come to me!!)

When I am not behind the camera you can find me...

As I’ve grown as a person and a business owner I’ve learned and changed a lot. One thing that’s only deepened is my belief in showing up authentically, documenting the real and raw, and embracing the beautiful and chaotic growth of life. I believe in photographs to be about being genuine, having fun, and holding our loved ones close. The biggest catalyst for this core value being a foundation to my business was from a catastrophic accident in my own life. At the end of 2021, I was a victim of a traumatic car accident that left me very injured—through multiple fractures and emotional turmoil I was able to learn to walk again, learn to drive, and learn my new normal under some mobility restrictions. And while I may have some gnarly scars, a new cane friend, and less than impressive dance moves—my photography skills and passion are still very much in tact. Through all of my experience, my passion and love for documenting photographs has only deepened. It is truly my life's honor to show up for you to help create the artwork on your walls, the albums on your coffee table, and the photos you want to post over and over again.

I believe in showing up


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