we document & preserve memories together

as we age, change, and grow

The lifestyle sessions I offer are intended for portraits of your family and the different stages that’s included in that. From when you’re starting out as a couple with just the two of you to when you add new additions (pets included) to documenting your family’s milestones. Some of those major milestones include engagements, anniversaries, maternity sessions, and telling your families story as your kids grow up. Ultimately, I want to be the photographer who can grow with you.

I so strongly believe that every person, couple, and family, and their own unique experience and journey that deserves to be documented and preserved. As you build your relationships, family, career, and your life everything can look so different and continue to change and my goal is to come alongside you to help you enjoying the process or growing and appreciate all the milestones as they come. Photography is my way of telling your story and preserving your family history.

photographer who can


with you

photographer who can grow with you

In my photography lifestyle sessions, you’ll often find that I offer a mix of posed and documentary style. I understand being in front of the camera can feel so awkward and intimidating so I love to give you direction to start off. I work with a mixture of posing and prompts to get you comfortable in front of the camera while also giving you the freedom to do what feels the most natural and comfortable for you. The first thing I tell every session is to not be afraid to breathe or move—while I setup and direct, doing what feels natural to you allows you to remain authentic and true to yourself in photos.

my style

Giving your guidance and freedom to be your best self

Jack & Maddie

"All I can say is WOW! Not only did my boyfriend and I have a blast getting our photos taken - Emily made the whole thing feel so relaxed and natural - but our photos were stunning…I highly recommend Emily no matter what the occasion - or even if there’s no occasion! We’re already looking forward to scheduling another session with her in the Spring. Thank you Emily, for capturing our relationship SO beautifully!"

Every person, couple, and family has their own way of having fun, expressing love, and being together so while I start with giving directions in my posing I also offer permission to make poses their own and meet me in the creative process. Together we can ditch those uncomfortable and stiff poses and breathe fresh life into your memories. I believe in being silly, having laughter, and being your genuine self for photos. I love when clients trust my direction yet are comfortable enough to step into my creative space to share one purpose of telling your unique story. This is where our collaboration finds true harmony—We share the overall vision and I bring the direction and tools to achieve it while you bring your authentic selves to create something beautiful for your family to look back on for years to come.

my philosophy

When we share trust we can meet openly in the creative space

Some local locations require either a permit or charge a fee for us to photograph there. I’ll help schedule, get the necessary paperwork, and add on any fees to your invoice. 

I am based in metro-Detroit and most often photograph in the greater Detroit area however I am willing to travel all around Michigan for a fee.

Your session location can be just about anywhere–you can do outdoors (nature or urban based), in a studio, in your home, or at a specific space. Being local to Detroit and in Michigan we have SO many amazing outdoor locations, activities, and more. Depending on your personality and vision we I can have a list of suggested locations in the area (:

Lifestyle sessions are a type of photography style that is focused on storytelling and capturing moments as is. It’s less about strict posing and more about the real emotions and relationships being shown through photographs. Lifestyle sessions can be for a variety of subjects including couples and families at all stages of life. 


My photography approach includes posing and directing–I start by putting you into a pose and directing a prompt or action for you to take but I ALWAYS encourage people to make poses and prompts their own. No one knows your relationships or story better than you do and the photos we create are meant to represent so I encourage you to listen to the poses and prompts but customize them to fit you!

On average, a one hour session can have two outfits. The more time added, the more outfit changes you can have. If you’re unsure on how many outfits to bring or what type of outfits to bring, feel free to ask me! I love talking clothes (:

Yes! If you want to include your pet for all or some of the photos that is definitely an option. Depending on the location, we will have to check for some park’s rules. Additionally, I recommend bringing a friend or family member to assist with your furry friend–it’s good to have a third party to hang on to treats and hold onto your pet if you don’t want them in every single photo. 

Yes!! I love including activities during part or all of your session. Oftentimes, it allows you to have some more fun and gives your hands something to do. Activities can include but are not limited to having a picnic, making cookies together, getting coffee or ice cream, going putt putt, or even washing a car. It can be something you often do that’s meaningful to you or something that just seems like fun!


Frequently Asked Questions

Lifestyle packages begin at $425, the average person spends $550 on their session.


Full lifestyle packages are available upon inquiry. I want to hear more about your story and how I can meet you on your journey where you are!

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