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All final galleries are available through an online gallery service called PASS Gallery. The final gallery link will be emailed to you where you can make an account to save your favorites, download the entire gallery, and place any print orders. Please download all images from your gallery as soon as you can as online access is removed after six months.

I would describe my editing style as clean and moody. I tend to gravitate to darker tones and moodier elements in my artistic style while keeping true tones to capture you authentically.

I genuinely love working with couples, families, and small businesses. My favorite type of sessions are ones where my clients are open to collaboration and trust my artistic direction and style. When you guys come with fun ideas, special locations, or silly suggestions and we can genuinely hangout as we take photos, that is when we all have the best time and get the most beautiful photos. 

I have always been a Nikon girl (: My first camera was a Nikon and as I’ve grown in my business and purchased new gear I’ve always chosen Nikon. Currently, I use a Nikon Z8 which is a mirrorless camera…if you wanna hear me nerd out over what a mirrorless camera is and why it’s the coolest thing ever, just ask me at our session together.


Every single one of my final images is personally edited by me, where I do light edits to skin. I start by removing any blemishes and taking a softening brush to the skin which smooths over the skin. Any further retouching, I follow a two week rule–if it would be gone in two weeks (pimples, scratches, bruises) then I will remove it however anything specific you want removed please notify me ahead of time and understand an additional fee may be charged for extended editing times. 

I would describe my editing style as clean and moody. I tend to gravitate to darker tones and moodier elements in my artistic style while keeping true tones to capture you authentically.

For lifestyle sessions and branding sessions final galleries are delivered in four weeks. Final wedding galleries are delivered in twelve weeks. 

I use an online client portal called Honeybook that allows clients to use their debit card, credit card, or direct deposit to pay for their session. If for some reason those options are unavailable to you, I will also accept cash or check however the deposit is still required in full to hold your session date. 


You will gain full printing rights and are allowed to take the photos to any print shop of your choice. Ordering through the PASS Gallery account does guarantee any color correcting and offers a higher quality product however I understand the convenience of wanting to go to your local print shop. If you’re going to your local print shop, I recommend going to a small business over choosing to print at CVS or Walgreens–the quality and customer service will ALWAYS be better. #supportsmallbusiness

I try to be as understanding as I can in every situation because hey, life happens! Please let me know as soon as possible that you are going to be late so we can discuss how best to proceed forward! Typically, anything less than 10 minutes and I will be as flexible as I can to stay 10 minutes past our end time. Anything past 15 minutes will be subtracted from your total booked time as oftentimes I have bookings back to back or we are working within lighting or studio perimeters.

Life happens–we get sick, family situations arise, something unexpected happens! I completely understand, I just ask that you contact me as soon as you are able to so we can get your date rescheduled. Your original deposit can be transferred one time for a rescheduled session with forty eight hour advance notice.

Emily D’Angola Photography does not currently have a studio however there are plenty of local photography studios that are rentable by the hour for an additional fee that I have worked with and highly recommend.


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