Provisions Wyandotte: An Intimate Gathering

The Vision

When Brooke and Marissa first told me about their day, I knew it was going to be something special. I was so excited to be a part of it. From the beginning, Brooke and Marissa were so intentional with the setup and how they wanted the atmosphere to feel. When explaining their vision, they kept repeating that they wanted their wedding day to be a celebration of love. They went on to clarify their intent to celebrate not only their love but the love for friends and family they asked to join them on this beautiful day.

The First Look

After getting ready separately, the two met in downtown Detroit at the downtown Public Library to have their first look. With nerves and anticipation high, the two wonderful women approached one another and embraced. Their excitement, joy, and love was palpable in the air. I knew that the day they had carefully planned together was going to carry this magic through its entirety. The thoughtfulness and vision they had planned began with the look Brooke wanted on her wedding day. She envisioned wearing a beautiful black leather jacket to juxtapose her cream lace ballgown. The couple planned to take their pictures in the Belt in downtown Detroit with a beautiful green velvet chair. Although we had just met, I knew how deeply Marissa cared for Brooke when she lugged that green velvet chair down the multiple floors of the Z Lot just to complete Brooke’s vision.

The Ceremony

Following the couples’ initial meeting we drove to the ceremony site, the Provisions Wyandotte. The plan was the have the ceremony followed by Sunday brunch was to take place. All of their closest friends and families gathered at tables in anticipation of the pending nuptials. Excitement and love spilled out as parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins embraced the brides as they entered. Inline with their intimate ceremony, they chose for only their siblings to stand alongside them while they read vows. As they exchanged vows, you couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by the love and joy spreading across the room.

With their closest friends and family together in such an intimate setting the couple said “I Do.” Then began their vegan brunch. Guests gathered around enjoying a delicious meal and chatter filled the room. It wasn’t until then that I began to notice all the finer details put into the day. To start, every single guests had their own unique coffee mug attached to their name card. These mugs were detailed to the person’s relationship, their interest, or a style they liked and handpicked by the brides. The intentionality and level of intimacy to know every single guest to that level was something I had never experienced before.

There were some young kids in attendance that the couple wanted to feel included and enjoy their time. Brooke and Marissa bought disposable cameras for the kids to document their day. This extra feature added some fun for both the kids and adults present throughout the day. Lastly, Brooke and Marissa had set aside an area filled with photographs and candles to honor those in their family who had passed. They particularly wanted to honor a family member who had recently passed. They was represented on Brooke’s bouquet with charm to carry them close all day long. Also the representation of butterflies used delicately throughout guests attire–found in hair clips, necklaces, pins, and bracelets. While the family came together to celebrate love they also remembered and paid respect to those that couldn’t be with them on that day.

Reflecting Back

A day intended for the celebration of Brooke and Marissa’s union turned into a celebration of something so much deeper. The intentional aspects detailed throughout the day combined with the couple’s original vision of celebrating all the love of those in the room really shined through. The joining of two families and intimate space to enjoy brunch, drinks, and those you love most was the start of a beautiful life for these two. It was a day filled with beauty, magic, and of course so much love.



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